Background Information

Somali Humanitarian, Education and Development Association (SOHEDA) is none governmental, and none political association, it is a relief institution specialized to support the suffering domestic refugees in different parts of the country. SOHEDA is always ready to give care to those who are absolutely needy, we give our total concentration and attention to those who are without daily requirements of food, water, health, hygiene and sanitation, one more thing is the education.

However, the SOHEDA main goal is to restore hope and future of the refugee which had lost during the past two decades by the civil wars, anarchy, droughts, and Tsunami that devastated these peoples’ houses, farms, animals, fishing boats and all materials a human must have. 

SOHEDA respects all international relief organizations and wants cooperation with them, since without collaboration, there wouldn’t be any effective work a single organization can do. SOHEDA can’t move to anywhere without the support of international community, international relief organizations and local people who are always ready to help their starving people.